“The war in business is and will always be a war of talent. Talent is the alpha-variable. Everything else is a derivative.”



“I fundamentally believe within the next 5-7 years, freelancing for everyday people will become as common as driving for Uber or selling items on Ebay.” is one of the fastest growing US-based freelancing marketplaces connecting businesses of every size to highly skilled freelancers and professionals. Founded in Atlanta, GA - one of the core attributes separating from so many other marketplaces is their hyper-focus on building the best company culture and client satisfaction, for both business customers and freelancers.

“I have been in technology for over 20-years. One of the many things I’ve learned is the technology should always be second to service. A maniacal focus on culture and clients makes everything else possible.” Rasool Muttalib, Founder of

“Timing has always meant a lot to me, and I felt the timing was right. The marketplace is trending towards what I believe to be an over-emphasis on number of users and building market share, which I understand. But I also saw the focus on customer experience getting left behind. I felt like there was a massive opportunity for a boutique offering that would always over-deliver on experience through building a brand with amazing culture and customer-focus.” Rasool Muttalib, Founder of
“I think many people thought the fast-food marketplace was crowded, and for the same-ole same-ole, I would argue they were right. But then Chic Fil-A comes along and demonstrates what culture and commitment to customer experience can do. The power and gravity of those two things combined cannot be overstated. We strive to be the Chic Fil-A, Neiman Marcus, or from a tech perspective – the Zappos of the freelancer industry.” Rasool Muttalib, Founder of



“Power launch your tech startup with the coffee strategy.....The Coffee Strategy has useful guidelines for developing your “A” game.” Samara Lynn, Technology Editor - Black Enterprise Magazine

EVERY business or career-minded individual needs an effective "ground game" - but not everyone knows how to build one. As businesses and individuals continue to shift their focus to social media for connections, contacts, and engagement - this is the one rule that will ALWAYS remain true.

“What’s Your Coffee Strategy?” is a must read for anyone starting a business, running a business, or working to advance their career. Learn how to get what you want by mastering the art of the "coffee conversation", control & eliminate nervous energy, learn how to meet & engage with ANYONE, and more. Read step-by-step how to create a killer blueprint for success by creating your own "Coffee Strategy".



Amazon Review

5 Star
“Reading this book gave me very helpful, useful advice on how to best present myself and get the contacts I need to make my business a reality. And using the coffee house is great for my budget."

Amazon Review

5 Star
“Great read! I really liked the sequence of the book. There are some solid nuggets of information in there that I immediately began to apply. I now have a "Coffee Strategy"! I would definitely recommend to others."

Amazon Review

5 Star
"This book is for anyone trying to make that first or second step on the path to success (and for those wondering why their efforts didn't work out). What's Your Coffee Strategy gives you the tools, using the coffee house as a base, to achieve your goals. Smart and insightful!"


“Count seconds instead of dollars. Tell me how someone spends their seconds, and you can very quickly understand the reality of almost every aspect of the individual....including yourself.”

Rasool is a 20-year technologist, founder, and Fortune 500 Fintech VP. He specializes in large-scale multi-national enterprise technology operations, data & business intelligence/analytics, IT service delivery, process architecture, PMO/portfolio management, strategic blueprint development, and workflow optimization. Rasool is a dynamic leader operating in multiple sectors including fintech, cloud, manufacturing, distributed telephony, and more.

He authored a book back in 2016 titled "What's Your Coffee Strategy?" (5-Stars on Amazon) outlining a blueprint for building relationships and creating value to accelerate careers and businesses. Rasool is actively engaged in a number of projects and recently founded BELANCING.COM (pronounced bee-lancing) - one of the fastest growing freelancing platforms.

A Peak Into My Code:

The 5a.m. Rule

If you cannot get up at 5a.m. to accomplish whatever you are after – you’re not serious

No Wasted Motion

One word – Focus. Any action or activity that doesn’t contribute to, or lead towards your end game. STOP IT!

Never Be Outworked

Everyone wasn’t born with “natural whatever”. But the ability to work hard is available to everyone.

Master Your Craft

I read no less than 20 books a year and it gives me an unbelievable edge. Master your craft.

Count Seconds, Not Dollars

Tell me how someone spends their seconds and I can tell you everything about that person. Count and control your seconds and the money will follow.

Know Yourself

Write down EXACTLY what you did for the past 30 days. That’s who you are. Don’t like it? Change it.


BFUTR Summit 2021 – See you there!

Attending technology conferences and events is something I have always enjoyed. I am excited and truly honored to be invited to participate as a speaker panelist in the BFUTR Summit 2021 sponsored by TD covering so many important topics. See you there!

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